Office of the Deputy Chief Management Officer

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DoD Conference Policies and ControlsDoD Program Inventory
View DoD's Program Inventory tied to the QDR.

DoD Conference Policies and ControlsConference Policies
Learn about DoD's conference
policies and access DoD's FY12 Annual Conference Report.

Open Government PlanOpen Government Plan
Browse the Office of the DCMO
Open Government Plan.

Continuous Performance ImprovementContinuous Performance

See how the Office of the
DCMO improves operations.

DoD Conference Policies and ControlsCongressional Report
Review the latest FY 2015 Congressional Report on Defense Business Operations

DoD Conference Policies and ControlsOrganizational Assessment
Review the latest FY 2014 Organizational Assessment Report

DoD Conference Policies and ControlsDCMO Reorganization Chart
View the latest DCMO Organization Chart

DoD Conference Policies and ControlsStrategic Management Plan
View the FY 2014 - 2015 Strategic Management Plan.

IT Acquisition ReformDCMOConnect Portal
Connect with DCMO through our intranet portal. (CAC Required)